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Tours and events: Educational activities (available only in French)

Mobility then and now

Duration: 2 ½ hours (with a snack break) – from primary classes 1 to 6

Event designed to raise awareness of sustainable mobility.

The event comprises three individual stages:

  • A guided tour of the museum’s collections to learn about the evolution of mobility in the Liège region,
  • A humorous short film examining the problems of mobility,
  • A giant treasure hunt and quiz throughout the museum. The children must clear a traffic jam. In order to rid the city of its cars and replace them with buses, they need to answer questions, solve puzzles and play games in order to progress.

By reservation.

Price: € 4/child

Mobilite hier et aujourd'huiMobilite hier et aujourd'huiMobilite hier et aujourd'hui

Guided tour with creative activities: “Designing the vehicles of the future” (available only in French)

Duration: 2 ½ hours (with a snack break) – from nursery class 3 to primary class 6

Guided tour of the museum and a creative workshop assembling recyclable materials.

“We are not far from being able to find credible alternatives to the good old petrol engine. Who will invent the public transport vehicle of the future? What will tomorrow’s public transport look like? Will it be an amphibious-hot air balloon bus, an underground transport cab, a caterpillar-tram on a bubble of gas, an aero-barge or even a solar multi-person bicycle?” There is no doubt that the children will come up with a solution!

By reservation, depending on the availability of the external leader.

Price: € 4/child

Animation creativeAnimation creativeAnimation creative

Mobility then and now and “intermodality” tour (available only in French)

Duration: 5 hours + lunch break – from primary classes 3 to 6

Session 1: Tour and activities involving sustainable mobility at the museum

Fun tour of the museum. Discover the evolution of mobility in the Liège region, watch a short film and play a game.

Session 2: City Chase

A small “intermodal” tour around the centre of Liège, during the course of which pupils use sustainable modes of transports (bus, train, walking) and explore, among other things, pedestrian routes, cycle paths and the new Liège-Guillemins station. Along the way, they need to answer questions and solve puzzles relating to the different aspects of mobility in an urban environment.

Rallye intermodaliteRallye intermodaliteRallye intermodaliteRallye intermodalite

By reservation.

Price: € 7/child

Pedagogical file (only available in French)